Boot Camp Workouts on the Weekend with Pure Power Boot Camp

Hard work pays off, especially when it comes to personal training and physical fitness. Just as your body never stops working, even when you’re sleeping, neither does Pure Power Boot Camp. Pure Power offers one of the toughest boot camp workouts in New York City, pushing clients to achieve maximum results through an effective “no nonsense” military-style workout routine.

In order to achieve the best results, Pure Power pushes you to practice dedication and commitment every day of the week. This weekend, Pure Power trainers, all former U.S. Marines, will be drilling clients at the new Southampton outdoor location during their intense military style workouts.

Fitness gurus and trainers will gather on Saturday, August 25th for an incredible day of PPBC! All NYC and Jericho recruits are welcome to sweat out toxins, shed inches, jump hurdles, climb walls, and carry tires!

Now, the Pure Power clients can take advantage of the same military style facility under the beautiful Southampton sun!

When it comes to interval training, hard work pays off. So lather on that sunscreen, get your game face on, and register for Pure Power Boot Camp’s outdoor boot camp workouts.

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Boot Camp Workouts on the Weekend with Pure Power Boot Camp

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