Corporate Team Building Workouts with Pure Power Boot Camp

While the average sports team may spend about 95 percent of their time working on team building skills, corporate companies spend less than 5 percent of their time working on the same skills. However, the same idea applies for both sets of teams, working together towards a common goal. Without trust, coordination and understanding your team and business could ultimately fall apart.

Not only will Pure Power Boot Camp keep you in top physical shape, but they can help your work team build a relationship to deliver winning results.

The challenging environment presented at Pure Power is designed to motivate and test your team’s collaboration, leadership and teamwork skills. Through the team building exercises where communication is key, the team will begin to form new connections and relationships with others.

Stepping outside of the work environment, co-workers can learn to trust each other through a common experience. With the aid of a Pure Power Boot Camp Drill Instructor, the team will be challenged both mentally and physically. Each program is customized to fit your corporation’s goals, using your mission statement as the foundation for the program.

Pure Power offers different programs based on your companies’ needs.

The Competitive Challenge divides the corporate recruits into two allied forces practicing on collaborative skills to develop positive team moral and enhancing communication abilities.

Power Up is a fast-paced and high-impact program that uses quick thinking and performance under pressure as the keys to success. This program is perfect for leaders and managers who are looking to improve collaboration, trust, motivation, decision-making, accountability, commitment and drive.

Opportunity Rescue will require the team to work together on problem-solving challenges.

The Merger consists of multiple small teams working towards an individual goal. These teams will learn to work together to outdo the competition and reach the same objective. This is the opportunity for team members to get to know each other.

Mountains of Success will put the team in a fast-paced and fun environment where members will have to work together to improve efficiency, communication and overall performance. The program is used to develop problem-solving skills, improved listening skills, improve time management and set challenging goals.

Being in shape and healthy is not only about physicality. Pure Power Boot Camp wants to enhance your body and your mind, at home and at work with their corporate team building exercises.

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Corporate Team Building Workouts with Pure Power Boot Camp

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