Guaranteed Results at Pure Power Boot Camp Or Train for Free

Pure Power Boot Camp offers an intense workout regimen for those looking to get fit fast and effectively. Providing clients with a disciplined, military-style workout, Pure Power trainers are experienced at whipping any body into shape.

Workouts are designed around PPBC, a military-style fitness facility where civilians train in an intense, no-nonsense, yet positive setting. While the PPBC regiments are taught in 16-member platoons ranging from the beginner to the elite athlete, the instructors, former U.S. Marines, can design customized personal training plans for each recruit.

With no-fail fitness plans, each participant is provided with a routine that will encourage them to step out of the box and work on their weaknesses. Negative, abusive, or degrading training is not accepted nor tolerated and with a no-fail guarantee, trainers will focus on improving cardio-conditioning, resistance training, plyometrics, calisthenics, sports-specific drills, and lean muscle mass through positive reinforcement and education.

For a serious, non-traditional workout, sign up for Pure Power Boot Camp’s customized personal training. Say goodbye to ineffective and boring exercise regimes and push toward a better physique with a disciplined training program.

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Guaranteed Results at Pure Power Boot Camp Or Train for Free

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