Love Yourself this Month at Pure Power Boot Camp

February is the month of love, and this month your main goal should be to love yourself and your body. When we feel good on the outside, there is something that radiates inside us. It’s called confidence, and it comes from pure power!

Pure Power Boot Camp is more than just fitness. This boot camp reinforces your self-esteem and builds your confidence to build you up by overcoming obstacles you never thought you could achieve! As Valentine’s Day nears, it’s important to know how to love yourself before you can truly love someone else, and Pure Power Boot Camp can teach you how.

Learn to be proud of your strong body

Contrary to popular belief, body image is more than skin deep. It actually starts with how you feel and the better you feel on the inside, the more you’ll work towards exuding that positive energy on the outside. While most of us love to rely on outside factors like scales and mirrors, learning to step away from these influences can actually prove to help heighten the amount of energy we spend motivating ourselves.

Find your own way to love your body

No one’s perfect, but it is often true that most of us spend our time trying to achieve perfection. In order to love yourself, you should actually spend less time picking your body apart and more time finding your own path to love yourself. A great way to do this is to change the way you think, eat and live. Focus on healthy experiences when it comes to your daily routine with healthy eating and a progressive fitness regimen. If you take the right measures, in no time you’ll be feeling just as good on the outside as you are on the inside.

Set an example with your body image

It is too often that we take the initiative to get fit because we are pressured to join a gym or feeling uneasy about our own state of being. Rather than focusing on negative experiences that push you to do things you wouldn’t typically enjoy, learn to utilize your positive attitude towards life, perserverance and building strength by setting an example with your body. In this way, you can train yourself to consider the marvelous functions of your body and appreciate them! When you believe in becoming a better you, discipline, hard work and confidence allow for great things to happen. Building a better body is one of them. At Pure Power Boot Camp, you can boost your self esteem through the trenches in a positive environment that caters to a fitness regimen that works for you. This also allows you to build strength with a team of Marine Corps trained officers leading you every step of the way.

Become your body’s best friend

When you love your body and take good care of it, you allow your body the opportunity to love you back! By focusing on feeling good and building up your body’s regular functionality, you begin to appreciate all the things your body can do. With Pure Power Boot Camp, this growth and development is heightened with obstacle courses and Marine Corp activities that allow you to accomplish your personal fitness goals and create new ones.

Celebrate your success

This is the most important step in your development. When you do something positive or accomplish a goal, it is important to reward yourself. Let go of your weight loss worries and push towards creating a healthier lifestyle that enables you to be proud of all that you’ve become. Every heroin and gladiator has a defining monent in their lives that allow them to become the champion that they always knew they could be. Let this be your moment!

With Pure Power Boot Camp by your side, the possibilites are endless. You can build your confidence, create a new fitness regimen for a better body and learn to respect and love yourself. So get fit, and then let Cupid take aim at you. Don’t worry, you’re completely ready for love!

About Pure Power Boot Camp

Pure Power Boot Camp is a military style fitness boot camp headquartered in New York City. Since 2004, Pure Power Boot Camp consistently trains civilians in a no nonsense, yet positive setting. All platoons are taught by former military, which ensures the authenticity and highest standard of excellence. PPBC is the nation’s only indoor obstacle/confidence course.

For more information on Pure Power Boot Camp or boot camp NYC training, please call 212.414.1886 or visit

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Love Yourself this Month at Pure Power Boot Camp

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