Pure Power Boot Camp: What are Military-Style Workouts?

There are a variety of workouts that you can try in your lifetime. There are the ones that promise to get you slim in three days, the ones that allow you to eat whatever you want and offer you pills to reduce your weight, and of course the ones that you dread going to because your trainer tells you to give him 1,000 push-ups and then walks away.

Well, if you’re still looking for that ideal workout, there’s a simple, an easy workout that gets you in shape with with a military-style workout to train your body and your mind while building your self-confidence.

Military-style workouts are more than just fatigue pants and a drill sergeant. In the Marines, recruits have to be prepared to operate in any type of environment and climate, and their physical training, or PT, is crucial to their preparedness. By modeling a workout regimen on the military’s training methods, Pure Power Boot Camp hires former military drill instructors to train you with a vigorous workout through obstacle courses in a real deal military-style fitness facility.

Military-style exercise is an approach to fitness, not a specific training regimen.The military uses evaluations that test the upper body, core and endurance to get every soldier ready for battle. The Marine Corps uses pullups for male Marines and a dead-arm hang for female Marines, followed by crunches and a three-mile run for fitness training.

The foundations of a miltary-style workout are also rooted in discipline and regular exercise that centers on running and calisthenics. With Pure Power Boot Camp, each new recruit gets the opportunity to train like a Marine in the trenches and utilize calisthenic exercises like push-ups, pull-ups and crunches. In this way, you can get a total-body workout without all the unecessary equipment.

At Pure Power Boot Camp, you will get the full Marine Corp experience by practicing the same Marine PT exercises which typically begin with stretching, then calisthenics and a run followed by more stretching. Variety keeps the body from developing ruts and combats boredom while calisthenics offer a great way to get an effective workout quickly.

It’s no secret that the key to a military-style workout is variety and Pure Power Boot Camp provides a series of variety to build strength, courage and pure power! Every recruit is capable of reaching their full potential without judgement, so come and experience a workout like you’ve never had before!

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Pure Power Boot Camp: What are Military-Style Workouts?

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