Top 3 Inspirational Facebook Posts From Pure Power Boot Camp

Facebook has established itself as the most successful social media outlet to ever grace the Internet, and as Mark Zuckerberg’s bank account grows, so does the site’s popularity. An estimated one in every nine people claim a personal Facebook account, and approximately 700 million minutes per month are spent logged in. That’s 700 million minutes spent networking and skimming over your friend’s latest updates, tags and picture uploads, as the “newsfeed” section provides a plethora of interesting posts. With over 2,000 likes and followers, Pure Power Boot Camp snags Facebookers’ attentions with posts that are both inspirational and motivational, encouraging people to get up and get fit!

With the most effective and toughest boot camp workouts in NYC, Pure Power values a positive “can do” attitude and believes that the first step to achieving that perfect body is the determination to get it. And so we have the top three inspirational posts from Pure Power’s Facebook page:

As one of the more recent posts, this bit of encouragement is both comical and logical. The fitness abilities of each individual do vary, but the act of “doing” is much better than making excuses. It doesn’t matter how hard they’ll have to work or how much progress they’ll have to make- what matters is whether or not they are willing to do it.

The second post is one that every person should both read and believe. “You are worth it.” This profound statement is incredibly important when it comes to working out, as confidence is key in achieving fitness goals. Pure Power Boot Camp instills that needed confidence in every client, pushing people to reach their potential.

The third post is one that renowned trainer Jillian Michaels inspired. While no one can be perfect, what counts is the effort put forth when working out. Establishing goals and working as hard as possible to achieve them is the most important factor in boot camps.

To take advantage of the most effective boot camp and personal training in New York City, enroll in Pure Power’s boot Camp workouts.

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Top 3 Inspirational Facebook Posts From Pure Power Boot Camp

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